What Would The ‘Successful You’ Do?

What Would The ‘Successful You’ Do?

November 2, 2018 0 By DarylSoriano

A beautiful quote from entrepreneur and writer Ron Rohn and entirely accurate! Do you wish to attract success to you? Then step into the identity of the progress you today. In this blog, I tell you what this can mean for you and your company.

Many entrepreneurs are in a kind of standby mode. They dream of more but wait for the right moment to take action. To raise their prices. To call that one customer. To become more visible. In the meantime, they make choices based on where they are now, rather than where they want to go. Do you recognize yourself in this? Time to make that switch!

What Would The Successful Ninke Do?

A few years ago I sketched the picture of the successful Ninke for myself. The successful Ninke works place independent, physically and psychologically balanced and can pay her daily costs with passive income. Three boxes that I can check off in the meantime.

At times when I was faced with a difficult choice, hesitated or uncertain, I asked myself the question ‘ What would the successful Ninke do? ‘. This helped me to make definitive decisions. Decisions that have ensured that I …

  • I could exchange my workplace on the landing for a nice office outside.
  • Went to speak for large halls with a thousand man audience.
  • My prices increased.
  • A team was going to build up.
  • And now have an annual turnover of 1 million euros!

Did I not take those choices from the successful Ninke? Then I would never have become her. I’m convinced of that. Then I was still sitting at my desk, between the laundry baskets on the landing, watching the internet all the time how other entrepreneurs are doing.

Step Into The Identity Of The Success You

As an entrepreneur you undoubtedly have dreams. But do you also have a clear picture of the progress you in mind? What does that person look like? What does he or she think? How does he or she feel? And what does the success you do if it becomes difficult?

There are many ways to sketch that image for yourself. Someone who has an excellent exercise for this is the legendary marketer Dean Jackson. In early July, I met him for the second time at an event. I also included a podcast about it, if you were curious about the lessons I learned from this marketing buddha. Back to the success you. Dean has come up with a simple way to make that picture concrete. And that with one compelling question:

I’m successful when …

Finish this sentence. What needs to happen before you can say ‘I am successful.’ What must you have achieved for this with your company? How do you feel about this? And then take a look at the customers that you have helped in recent times, for example, the rates you use and especially the choices you have made for your company. Are these choices that the success you would make? Or would the successful you handle this differently? Food for thought, it seems to me!

What does the picture of the success you look like? Does that person make other choices than you do now? Let me know in the comments!