Top 3 Tips for Writing SEO Articles

May 5, 2019 0 By DarylSoriano

E-commerce is the biggest arena of today’s internet, and SEO articles play the biggest role in this scenario. A new and tech-tonic tool developed for online marketing SEO articles is fast becoming the best tool that there is. An easy task with a quite a wide and far-reaching employee base, SEO article writing is threatening to take over the whole freelancing diaspora. So if you are one of the many willing to try their hands in SEO article writing then here are few tips to get you started. So soak up these advices and get ready to roll.


  1. Judicious Use of Keywords

One of the main aspects of this particular article writing is the judicious use of keywords. SEO articles produced by digital marketing agencies from Sydney Australia are all about some choice few keywords that you must use throughout the piece organically and intelligently. But that’s not all. People tend to be over-eager in this matter and use it too many times without any thought. That’s where they go wrong. Keywords must only be used as much as stipulated by your employer. It should be around 1.4 to 2% of the total word account. So make sure you do that.

  1. Interesting Content

The key to any good SEO article is the presence of good content. As a writer of one of these articles, it is your duty to research properly and dig up interesting facts and trivia about the topic that is provided to you. While these topics may sometimes be boring to you, you must keep at it and prepare an interesting piece for the readers to read. These articles may have the sole reason to be picked up by Google’s algorithm and portrayed at the top of the keyword search, but a good read makes everyone’s day better.

  1. Stick to the Deadline

One of the most important things to do while writing any SEO article is sticking to the deadline. Your employer must always need the articles by a stipulated time in order to fulfil his or her work order. Thus your submitting the articles at the proper time is extremely important for him or her. The best thing to do is only to take up as many articles as you feel competent enough to complete within the deadline. Do not over-estimate your ability to focus on this and risk missing the deadline. It could mean trouble for both you and your employer.

SEO articles are a great way to earn a little on the side as pocket money. But a job is a job so be sure to give your 100% to this job as well. If you feel a little overwhelmed, do not worry. This job tends to be quite flexible. It is best to discuss with your employer and choose the correct work-plan that fits with your schedule and working abilities. So dive into this pool of opportunity and emerge triumphant and victorious. These tips are for you to excel at it and shine brightly.