How Do You Attract More Dream Customers Now?

How Do You Attract More Dream Customers Now?

November 1, 2018 0 By DarylSoriano

I have put five tips on a list to better connect to the pain of your ideal customer.

Start By Describing Your Ideal Customer

Give him (or her) a name if necessary to make it a real person. What interests and especially problems does your ideal customer have? What are his most significant uncertainties or fears? What is he ashamed of, what does he get out of his way?

Name The Creature By Its Name In Your Marketing.

Describe the pain as concretely as possible. It is necessary to make your customer realize that things can be done differently. Do not try to use any softening words. Your offer forms the solution to the pain. So you will be there any way to help. But now you have to wake up your customer first.

If You Describe The Pain, Use The Literal Language Of Your Customer.

I regularly make notes during conversations with customers. I do not write down anything content, but the right words that my clients use to describe their problem, their pain. If I use these words in my website texts, customers will easily recognize themselves.

Have You Named The Pain Point?

Then it’s time to reassure your customer. With your solution, your offer. Speak their dreams and desires in their description. Again in their language. That’s how they feel ‘this person knows exactly what I need.’

And Finally: Take Your Customer By The Hand.

Tell them clearly which first action they need to take to solve their problem. Maybe an open door, but such a call to action is often forgotten!