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May 5, 2019 0

Top 3 Tips for Writing SEO Articles

By DarylSoriano

E-commerce is the biggest arena of today’s internet, and SEO articles play the biggest role in this scenario. A new and tech-tonic tool developed for online marketing SEO articles is fast becoming the best tool that there is. An easy task with a quite a wide and far-reaching employee base, SEO article writing is threatening to take over the whole freelancing diaspora. So if you are one of the many …

October 30, 2018 0

What Does The Future Of Personalized Marketing Look Like Now That People Are Becoming More Data-Aware?

By DarylSoriano

Data-driven marketing promises marketers an ROI of five to eight times their marketing spend. It is therefore not surprising that no less than $ 20 billion was spent on this relatively new form of marketing worldwide last year. Everything also points out that this amount will increase rapidly in the coming years. But does data-driven marketing also provide something for the consumers themselves, and how do they stand against the …